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The Free Paraphrasing Tool rewrites your text and offers you powerful and unique content. Use the online paraphrase app along with other helpful writing tools such as Article Rewriter, Article Spinner, and Grammar Checker to build awesome content.

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Create unique and high-quality content within seconds with the best free Paraphrasing Tool online. Be it school essays, thesis, office documents, blogs, or any text – the paraphrase app rewrites your documents and gives you original text every time.

The demand for unique content is always present. Before the paraphrasing app, we used to rewrite our content manually to create new content. And even then, there was no guarantee that the newly generated content will be unique. However, now you can easily get original and easily readable content with our super-friendly free paraphrasing tool.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is a method of rewriting documents for various purposes. Suppose, you have to write an essay for school, and the rule is that you cannot copy/paste from another document. Now, if you don’t have the time to do it by yourself, you are in trouble. However, by using the paraphrasing method, you can rewrite the document and submit it to your professors happily. One thing about paraphrasing manually is that it can take hours or even days. On top of that, there is no way to ensure the uniqueness of the new text.

And that’s where you will need a paraphrasing tool.

What Does Our Free Paraphrasing Tool Do?

Our paraphrasing tool is an intelligent, AI-based software that can understand the English language completely and rewrites your document accordingly. We all know how complex the English language is – but the smart AI has all the data it needs to rewrite documents in English. It makes decisions based on the given content. That means this online rewriter tool does not rewrite your text word by word or sentence by sentence. Rather, it takes in the whole text and rewrites according to the context, and finally, provides the result.

In simple words, the reword generator rewrites the words, phrases, etc. by replacing them with suitable synonyms, changes the tone, and rearranges the sentences.

How to Use the Free Paraphrasing Tool?

Using the paraphrasing tool is very simple. Follow the steps below and you will get your unique document in a few moments:

Step 1:

Copy the text you want to rewrite and paste it in the given box of the rewording tool.

Step 2:

Click the “Start Paraphrasing!” button under the box

Step 3:

The paraphrase generator tool will now rewrite your document. You can see the percentage of the rewriting process above the box. And you will get the result within a few moments.

Rewriting Suggestions

Our free paraphrasing tool also provides suggestions for the text so you can customize the text as you need. To use the suggestions, you simply have to click on the highlighted word or phrase and click on one of the suggestions to replace the previous word. There are a few more options which you can see in the suggestion box.

Grammar is an important part of writing, keeping that in mind, we have added a grammar checker tool for your convenience. Once you are happy with the result, click on the “Check Grammar” button. You will see the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the next part, the tool will also suggest the correct grammar and spelling.

You can also use the “Eraser” to remove the old text and add new text to rewrite. Our free paraphrasing tool offers more options such as rewrite again, download, print, share link, and copy text to clipboard.

Different Styles of Paraphrasing

You can paraphrase your text in different ways, and you will get a different type of result every time. Our paraphrase app offers two types of rewriter tools: Article Rewriter, and Article Spinner. You can use these tools for different purposes.

Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter tool rewrites your document by changing the words, phrases, etc. with their alternatives. Its main purpose is to make your document easily readable for all types of readers. Along with many other important SEO tools, the online rewrite tool is also very important to build strong SEO. That’s why every SEO expert should know about this tool and use it to increase their blog’s readability.

Article Spinner

Our free paraphrasing tool also offers an Article Spinner.

There is no better tool than the online Article Spinner when you want to bring some style and creativity to your content. As the name suggests, the spinner tool spins your old article and creates better content by giving it a new style and tone.

If you are a creative writer or a blog writer, this is a must-have tool to have all time. Not only this tool brings uniqueness to your writing, but also provides some creativity which is very important in novels, short stories, blogs, etc.

Why Should You Use The Free Paraphrasing Tool?

Sometimes, you need to rewrite your content to make your audience understand the message correctly and easily. But paraphrasing by yourself can be very difficult especially if you don’t have enough time and energy to do it. That’s why you should use the best paraphrasing tool, so you can rewrite your document easily and within a few moments.

Free Paraphrasing Tool – an intelligent tool to create unlimited content

The best thing about this rephrasing tool is that it offers high-quality content. Every content that it offers is unique, so there’s no need to worry about plagiarized content. You can even check your content with an online plagiarism checker, just to be sure.

It is also super-fast, which means, you don’t have to wait more than a few seconds to get your unique content ready.

There is no need to sign-up or register to use our free paraphrasing tool. It lets you paraphrase your content whenever you want.

Last but not the least, you can paraphrase unlimited content with this paraphrasing app.

So, no need to brainstorm and get frustrated over unique content anymore. Simply, use the best rewording tool for free whenever you need instant content. And if you want to find some more awesome paraphrasing tools, check out