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Why Do the Best Writers Paraphrase Their Content?


Paraphrasing means rewriting text to avoid plagiarism or to change the style of the text. The first rule of paraphrase is to keep the expression and meaning of the original text intact.

For example, the sentence “Not all those who wander are lost” can be paraphrased into “Not all people who wander are lost’ or “Not every wanderer is lost” or into something similar.

In the above example, you can see that the paraphrased two lines change the writing style a bit but keep the original meaning as it was.

The term ‘Paraphrase” has become more popular nowadays due to its use on the internet. But do you know that not only bloggers, content writers, or students but also successful writers paraphrase as well?

Many of us might not like the idea of paraphrasing when it comes to big writers. But if you think about it, paraphrasing is a big part of writing and there’s no way to avoid it.

Paraphrase for writers

Why Do Writers Paraphrase?

  • To bring a new style

Sometimes when writers feel like they need to spice up their writing style, they use paraphrasing. They might take some texts and either manually or use a tool to paraphrase just to change the tone of the text. You can use someone else’s quotes and make them your own by changing the style and wording a bit.

  • To improve passages

The right words and the right tone can improve your storytelling greatly. That’s why writers paraphrase and rephrase their wordings to get the best result. You can use someone else’s idea and use your own words to smoothly separate your story from the original.

  • To avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is stealing someone else’s content and passing it off as one’s own. Even big writers feel uncomfortable about plagiarism. That’s why. They use the paraphrasing method to make their content unique.

Ultimately, even if several people use the same idea, they can use the paraphrasing method to personalize the idea and make it their own. Paraphrasing is one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism and many writers rely on this method to create unique content.

  • To shorten or lengthen passages

Sometimes you have to maintain a certain word length in your content due to several reasons. Paraphrase can be a great weapon when it comes to shortening or lengthening content. Writers always play with words and sentences to create the desired effect.

What’s the best way to paraphrase?

There are two ways you can paraphrase –

The first method – writers can manually rewrite original text to suit their purposes. Manual paraphrasing takes time and effort. But it also gives you exactly what you want in your writing. If you have enough time and energy to brainstorm, then you can manually paraphrase and improve your content.

The second method – sometimes you won’t have time to sit and think about the best way to rewrite your content. A paraphrasing tool can help you in this situation and help you create high-quality content in no time at all. Or, at the very least, a decent rewriting tool can suggest what tone you might want in your content. You can edit the wordings in your own way afterward.

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